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We get this request a lot, do you get get wet suites during the Oahu Swim with Dolphins program? The answer is no, you do not get any wet suits. This should give you a sigh of relief because many guests are concerned about weight and if they will fit into a wet suit. You don’t need to worry about that now.

You will need to bring your swim wear and put that on and you will get  a life vest. All participants must wear a life vest. The weather is usually very constant in Oahu, so the water temp is usually in the 70 degree range, so you won’t really need a wet suit.  You will get used to the water temperature quickly, so don’t worry about that. Come on in, the dolphins don’t bit and enjoy yourselves!

Remember, you will be so focused on your swim with dolphins in Oahu. You won’t even think about a wet suit. The excitement of your new dolphin friend coming up to you in the pool is such a rush, you warm up inside and outside quickly.