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The Dolphin Encounter (non-swim) is one of the more popular program we offer due to the fact you don’t need to know how to swim in order to do this program. You need to be 4 years old and up and anyone from 4 years old to 7 years old must have 1 adult participant per child.

The Dolphin Encounters in Oahu is perfect for those that can not swim or have young children their group. If you can not swim, this is the perfect program for you, in the dolphin encounter you will not get into any deep water and the trainers will bring the dolphins into the shallow water for you to enjoy, pet, play, hug, kiss and touch the dolphin for 30 minutes. You will still have a life vest on for extra security and you will love this program.

For the young children, 4 years old and up, you will need to go into the water with your young ones, 1 adult per child, and this is a great bonding experience for your whole family. The dolphins are totally gentle to your children and they will love the dolphins because they will be so upclose with them.

I know many of you will be bummed that of the older age to enter the water. But have no fear, we do have 1 programs for 1 years old and up, the dolphin aloha touch is 20 minutes outside the pool with the dolphins.

Well hopefully this update will help you choose the right program for you and your family.