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What is a Wholphin?

A wholphin or wolphin is an extremely rare hybrid born from a mating of a female common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) with a male false killer whale (Pseudorca crassidens). The name implies a hybrid of whale and dolphin, although taxonomically, both are within the “oceanic dolphin” family, which is within the “toothed whale” suborder. 

The first wholphin in the United States and the first to survive was Kekaimalu, born at Sea Life Park in Hawaii on May 15, 1985; her name means “from the peaceful ocean”. Although they have been reported to exist in the wild, only one is currently in captivity, at Sea Life Park in Hawaii.

You may get to swim or interact with Kekaimalu during a your Dolphin Encounter of swim with dolphins in Oahu during your Dolphin Exploration deep water program. She love to interact with people and has a great disposition. This rare treat to be with a Wholphin is surely something you need to share with your friends and family!

When you are doing your dolphin program, make sure to ask who are swimming with. It may be Kekaimalu.  She is pretty easy to see the difference than the other bottle nose dolphins within the park but you would want to make sure.  The body and the head are truly unique. So it would be neat if you get to swim with her.