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There is a few ways to get to Sea Life Park Hawaii. You can drive your own vehicle, take a taxi or uber. If you are staying on Waikiki Beach, then you might want to take advantage of the $30 per person transportation service from there.   If you want this service, please read on…

  • If you are staying at a Waikiki Hotel and purchase a Dolphin program, you can get Transportation at no Cost.
  • Pick up time will be either 8 – 9am or 11am – 12pm.  If you pick a morning Oahu dolphin program, you will get the AM pick up time and if you pick an afternoon session, you will get the PM pick up time. You will see exact time on your confirmation from us.
  • Return Transportation for AM pick up ,the return is from 2 – 3pm. The PM pick up, the return is from 5 – 6pm.
  • Observers price also can pay $30 r/t transportation from any Waikiki Hotel.
  • The bus or car drive from Waikiki to Waimanalo is about 30 – 40 minutes each way.
  • If you are staying on any other part of Oahu, you will need to find your own transportation, either by rent a car, private transportation, taxi, uber, or public transportation (not recommended).
  • If you drive yourself, you will get complete ticket and directions sent to you via email. You can’t get lost.

So don’t worry about getting to the park, it is pretty easy, either you will get round trip transportation or you can drive yourself. If you drive your self with a car, $15 all day parking is available.