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Everyone wants a souvenir. The photos are one of the best souvenir that is offered to you. You will love the professional photography. It will capture the true feeling and moment you will have with the dolphins in Oahu and other marine life. You do get 1 Free 5X7 Photo with your Dolphin Exploration and Dolphin Encounter (non-swim). Here are some answers about photos….

  • You can purchase photos after your dolphin experience.
  • Photos run about $40 and up for 5X7 prints.
  • There are many photo packages that you can choose from which includes all different print sizes, from wallets to 8X11.
  • $150 download of all your photos.
  • No Videos are taken by the photo staff.
  • You are not allowed to bring any camera into the water with the dolphins.
  • If you have an observer with you, the observer can take photos and videos during your dolphin experience.
  • It is best that you buy your photos at the Park. You can not purchase online any photos and will not have an opportunity once you leave the park.

Important to know is to make sure you get the photo lab’s phone number and email in case you need to contact after you leave the facility.

Hopefully this will answer most of your questions. If you have more, please contact us.