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What does it mean to be an Observer?

An Observer (or General Admission) is a Participant’s friend or family member that wants to come to the park but does NOT want to interact with the dolphins or any of the marine life. We know that the temptation is there to touch the marine life but you will have to refrain from any interactions.

A lot of folks ask if they change their mind and want to participate with the dolphins or any animals, can they do that? The answer is yes if they there is space and availability. The chances are slim that that will happen, so it is best to make up your mind before you arrive. Availability is always a challenge.

Observers participate in all aspects of the program minus the in-water interaction. During the interaction you can cheer on the Participants and take photos. The Observers stay in the stands and have no contact with the dolphins. Remember, if you don’t get great photos, there are professional there for you to purchase after your program.

The fee includes complimentary admission to the park, so you can see the rest of the shows and exhibits, as well. Observers under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult. You will get a map and show schedule upon arrival.

Pricing for observers that come to the Park on Oahu…

Adult Observer (13 years +) $45*
Child Observer (3 – 12 years old) $45*
Baby Observer (0-2 years old) Free
*Plus 4.712% sales tax

We hope there won’t be any excuse to come to the Dolphin Park in Oahu.