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FREE Photos with Your Dolphin Swim or Encounter

The Dolphin Exploration Swim is one of the most popular programs we can offer you. The reason is so popular is because of the following….

It is the most time in the deep water with the dolphins, 30 minutes. So you should be comfortable in the deeper water and be able to swim too.

The swimming is light, so you don’t need to be some Olympic swimmer. In the deep water you will get go swimming in deep water to pet, play and cradle them. Plus, you will get to pet, play, kiss and even do tricks with them in shallow water too. You will love this program.

This year, the management has included in the price of your program, one FREE 5×7 photos of you, a pretty good deal. This is a big savings of $25 per swimmer. Book early because this program, the Oahu swim with dolphins oahu tour sells out quickly!!