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Dolphin Exploration – Deep Water Time with Dolphins

If you’ve always dreamed of snuggling up to a dolphin, this is the program for you. Because in the Dolphin Swim, you will spend a lot of shallow water time, petting, playing and doing tricks with them. When you do swim with them, you almost feel like you are out in the ocean because there is no ride no forcing the dolphins to do any tricks. You and small group of people in the deep water playing with the dolphins.

In this program, you are guaranteed to get at get deep water time with the dolphin while rest of the program is in safe shallow water. When you meet your new pal, you’ll get to hug and craddle them. Then, you’ll snuggle up close to enjoy playing with them too. Afterward, enjoy simply splashing around with your new BFF during your free time together. < For More Information Oahu Dolphin Exploration – Click Here >

This 30 minute shallow and deep water experience including touching, feeding and training with a dolphin. You will also swim into deeper water for more interactions and even have a chance to play with the dolphin across the pool, so swimming ability is a must. (Approximately 2 hours with the Dolphins, Presentation, Changing Time & Photo Lab) Life Vest will be provided. A life vest are provided for use during the session if needed at no extra charge.

If you plan to  bring children,  any child from 8 to 12 years old must have 1 adult in the water per child. Any child over 12 years old can participate without any adult in  the water with them but must have 1 adult observer come into the park with them.  Children love this program and they will always remember their special time in Oahu.

The dolphin exloration swim is very popular and you will need to book this early!