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Oahu Dolphin Encounter – Safe and Shallow

This is a non-swim program perfect for very little ones or those who aren’t strong swimmers. In this safe and fun environment, you’ll get to see these amazing creatures show off their agility as they perform tricks and “dance” around the pool. You’ll also get to hug and kiss your new friend, and learn all about their amazing behavior and personalities. You can bring anyone from 3 years old and up and amazing family activity on Oahu.

Beyond interacting with dolphins, the park also offers visitors a unique opportunity to interact with exotic sea life such as sea lions, penguins, rays and sea turtles. In one afternoon at Sea Life Park you can create limitless unforgettable moments. < View Oahu Dolphin Encounter Information >

A 30 minute all shallow water Dolphin Encounter experience includes the following: handshaking, hugging, touching, petting, kissing, and playing with the Dolphins in waist deep water. No rides, no deep water time in this program. (Approximately 2 hours with the Dolphins, Presentation, Changing Time & Photo Lab) Life Vest will be provided. A wet suit are provided for use during the session if needed at no extra charge. Each Session includes the dolphin program, briefing, shows, & marine exhibits.

It may seem like this program is mostly for young people that can not swim. We know a lot of adults are not comfortable in deep water also. This program would be perfect for young and old not ready for the deep pool.