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Can You Swim with Dolphins near Honolulu?

Yes, everyone knows about Honolulu because it is the biggest city on Oahu. All vacationers coming to this island must fly into Honolulu Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL) or come by cruise shop and stop at the Honolulu cruise port. You can swim near Honolulu in the town of Waimanalo Beach. The lovely and rugged eastern shore of Oahu.

But once you land or dock there, most people don’t stay in Honolulu because there is no beach or anything that is so beautiful about this part of the island or the city, most vacationers head elsewhere because the big resorts and attraction are all outside the city limits. The most famous areas are Waikiki Beach, Ko Olina and the North Shore.

This includes the dolphin swim program at Sea Life Park which is about 1 hour away from Honolulu and maybe a little more during rush hour by car. Most people don’t realize that Honolulu is good size city, about 400,000 residents live there all year round. So the answer to your question, can you swim with dolphins in Honolulu? The simple answer is NO but the dolphin program is not too far away by car, as we said before, only 1 hour away.

Remember, if you plan to swim with dolphins, you need to make your reservation early!