Would you like to be a Dolphin Trainer?

We find that many visitors to the Dolphin Park on Oahu Hawaii are so impressed with the facility and the knowledge of the trainers, and they have such an incredible time with these wondrous creatures that they leave thinking, “I would love to be a trainer! I wonder how you go about it?” If you believe and pray about it, it might come true!

Well, there are different ways of becoming a marine trainer. Not everyone has a college degree, although having one will always be advantageous when it comes time to find a position. But, there are those facilities that will overlook the fact you don’t have a degree if you happen to have a significant amount of real world experience.

For those who are interested in pursuing a degree, know that this field is constantly evolving and changing so you’ll want to do plenty of research and take classes that will advance your career. As you’ll have noticed when you toured Sea Life Park and watched their trainers, it’s incredibly important to be physically fit and, needless to say, you swimming skills have to be top-notch. It is also recommended you be SCUBA certified.

Whether or not your trip to Sea Life Park inspires you to become a marine animal trainer, it will no doubt inspire you to share your vacation stories and photos with family and friends and come back year after year.

If you are really interested, then take the next step and contact Sea Life Park and ask them about their internship and start living your dream. You would have to contact Sea Life Park directly if you are want to pursue this.

Remember, if you do a internship, this is a non-paid position, so you will need to supplement your income while on Oahu. There are plenty of jobs in the hospitality field, so finding extra work should not be an issue.

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