Does the Dolphin Swim Adventure include swimming with dolphins in Oahu?

The Dolphin Swim adventure has the best of both the Royal Swim and the Dolphin Encounter, where you get at least 1 ride with the dolphin usually a belly ride and the rest of the time in shallow water. This program is the middle of the road in pricing, so it is very popular among our guests that enjoy a oahu dolphin activity.

You will spend 45 minutes in the water with the dolphins, which is lot of time with the dolphins. Most facilities only give you 30 minutes, so you will get a bonus extra 15 minutes with the dolphins in this program. Anyone from 8 years old and up can participate, but anyone from 8 to 12 years old must have 1 adult per child in the water with the child. Call us if you are not sure about this rule.

The ride is what most guests want and you will be guaranteed at least 1 ride in this program. It is amazing how much power and grace a single dolphin has. This ride is really exciting and especially when you feel all the muscle of the dolphin in total motion as it glides you easily across the pool. You will have a life vest on during this program, so if you are not the best swimming or don’t swim well, this program is for you. You will have the satisfaction of the ride which is a blast and most guests want that feel of being pulled through the water.

In the shallow water you will spend plenty of time, playing, touching, kissing and doing many trained behaviors with the dolphins.  During this shallow water time, you will have plenty of one on one time with the dolphins and some great photo opportunities for the professional photographers.  This dolphin program is great value and really popular.

Remember, this program is extremely popular, so make your plans early!

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