Other Fun Activities at Sea Life Park

Sea Life Park on Oahu Hawaii already sounds like an amazing place to spend the entire day, but you haven’t even heard about all of the activities that are offered there, like the Shark Trek, Sea Lion Swim and Hawaiian Ray Encounter.

Luau in Hawaii is always a lot of fun. Everyday at 5pm at Sea Life Park.

Maybe sea lions are more your speed and if so, you’ll want to sign up for the Sea Lion Swim. Imagine having one of these “puppies of the sea” swim all around and underneath you as you get to pet and play with them. And before saying goodbye, you’ll get a nice big kiss from your new aquatic friend. This program would be a great combo with your dolphins swim program.

There’s also the Hawaiian Ray Encounter which will have you swimming in a special lagoon as you get up-close to these unique creatures and watch them glide through the water. Despite what you may have heard or believe about rays, they are incredibly gentle and friendly. This is one of our favorites here at Sea Life Park.

As if visiting Oahu weren’t great enough already, spending the day at Oahu Swim with Dolphins Park will no doubt make your vacation complete!

If you are interested in these other activities, please email us on our contact page or call us.

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