Does the Hawaii Dolphin Swim Happen in a Pool or Open Ocean?

The Hawaii dolphin swim on Waimanalo is done in a pool with a trained dolphins. The Trained dolphins are the only way you will get to touch and play with the dolphins and the dolphin facility is one of the top notch facilities in the US. So if you are looking for an interaction where you actually get to touch the dolphins, then you need to consider our program at Sea Life Park.

The pool is maintained by ocean water and proper filtration and temperature is always perfect for the Dolphin Activities on Oahu. This is the only way to insure the proper environment for the dolphins and guests alike.  In a pool setting, you are guaranteed to touch and have hands on interactions! If this is important to you, this is the way to go.

We have 3 dolphin interactions in Oahu, the Royal Swim, the Dolphin Swim Adventure and the Dolphin Encounter. The Royal and Swim Adventure are the only programs where you get a ride with the dolphins. The Dolphin Encounter is perfect for non-swimmers because there is no deep water time in the this program.

Now there are plenty of company’s on Oahu and Hawaii that offer wild dolphin viewing and snorkeling with the dolphin in the ocean. Remember, in the wild dolphin programs, you must be a decent swimmer. Also, you won’t be able to touch the wild dolphin. If seeing the dolphins in a ocean habitat is important to you. This is the way to go for you. Here is a list of wild dolphin companies in Oahu. < Click Here >

You may want to consider to try both and you can be the judge which one you would prefer, trained or wild. If you can do both, Oahu is the perfect location to do this.

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