What are the Different Swim with Dolphins Oahu Programs Offered

We have 2 different Swim with Dolphins Oahu programs, the Royal Swim and the Dolphin Swim Adventure.

The Royal Swim is where you get to spend 45 minutes in the water with the dolphins and most of your time is in deep water. You need to be comfortable in the deep water and know basic swimming, breast stroke or doggie paddle. You will get a life vest and this will help you float but you still need to know how to swim. This program is definitely the most popular program we offer and you will need to book this one very early to have any chance to get a space.

The Royal program will give you the most rides with the dolphins, where you get 2 dolphins and get the dorsal fin ride, the foot push and other deep water behaviors. You will also spend some shallow water time petting, playing and doing tricks with the dolphins. The Royal swim is a blast!

The regular Dolphin Swim is where you get to 40 minutes in water with the dolphins, most of the time in shallow water with the dolphins, where you get to pet, play, touch and kiss the dolphins and you will get at least 1 dolphin ride with the dolphin, usually the famous belly ride with one dolphin.

You get a little less time with the dolphins in the Swim and only one ride with the dolphin.  Also, you only get a ride with one dolphin where the royal swim  you get 2 dolphins. This might be importation to you.

So you will need to choose from one of the programs. We are here and you can always email or call us if you have more questions.