Royal Dolphin Swim – a lot of fun!

This dynamic program allows park visitors to swim with dolphins and interact with them up close and personal. The program is the most popular and without a doubt sells out really quickly.

The reason this dolphin program is so popular is because you can receive an affectionate handshake and kiss on the cheek before holding on to their dorsal fin and being pulled around the pool, talk about exhilarating! But it gets even better. You’ll then be able to experience a foot push from your new friend. The foot push is where you come out the water like superman or supergirl and go flying into the air, what a rush of adreline. You’ll absolutely feel like you’re flying.

This program is suitable for good swimmers 8 years and older who are comfortable in deeper water. You will spend the most time in deep water with this program, about 10 – 15 feet of water. So if you love to swim, this is the perfect program for you. < For more information on Oahu Royal Dolphin Swim click here >

You will experience a 45 minute shallow and mostly deep water Royal Dolphin experience includes multiple deep water behaviors like the foot push ride, the dorsal tow ride, the handshaking, and hugging, touching, petting, kissing, and playing with the Dolphins. (Approximately 2 hours with the Dolphins, Presentation, Changing Time & Photo Lab) Life Vest will be provided. Each Session includes the dolphin program, briefing, shows, & marine exhibits, $10 shopping credit, refillable mug cup, 3 photos. 8 years old + Plus  3 photos free (a big savings), a souvenir cup and a $10 coupon for food. This program is a lot of fun!

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